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Secure Email

What is Secure Email?

Instead of information being sent to your standard email, where it could be monitored by fraudsters, you can send messages back and forth to Lowell Five via a secure data center, where you log in to read or send information.  You’ll get notifications in your standard email when you have any messages to retrieve.

Sign up or send a Secure Email

How does it work?

When the bank sends you a secure email message, the message is sent to a data center where it will be held for you to retrieve. The contents of the message are encrypted during transit to protect your confidentiality. At the same time, a notification message is sent informing you that a message is waiting. The notification message contains a link to a secure website. Simply click on the link, log into the system and retrieve your message.

How to sign up

The first time you use Lowell Five’s secure email message center, you’ll be prompted to create an account with an email address and password. A confirmation message will be sent to the email address you entered. To complete the process, simply click the link in the confirmation email.

Retrieving and sending messages

When we send you a secure email message, you will get a an email notification with a link to the system. Once logged in, you can read your message or send a secure reply. To create and send your own secure message, simply log in at any time and click on the “Compose” tab.

Ready to get started? Sign up to start sending and receiving secure emails.