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Individual Retirement Accounts

IRA Types

Our retirement solutions are designed to help build and maintain your nest egg.  Work with a Lowell Five Advisor to start your retirement savings or manage an existing plan.

  • Traditional IRAsGrow money tax deferred until you retire
    Save money tax-deferred until your retirement and pay the taxes when you’re likely to be taxed at a lower rate.  IRAs are entirely funded by you, unlike a 401(k) or pension, to which your employer often contributes.  Depending on your earnings, you may get a tax deduction on the money you’ve deposited in your IRA for that year.  More Information about Traditional IRAs
  • Roth IRAsPay taxes now and withdraw tax free at retirement
    Not everyone is eligible for a traditional IRA or you may simply prefer to pay your taxes now and have your money grow tax-free after that. With a Roth IRA, your earnings are tax-free at retirement.  More Information about Roth IRAs
  • SEP-IRAsSimple retirement plans for the self-employed
    Simplified Employee Pension plans allow you to create retirement accounts for yourself and a small number of employees without complicated government reporting requirements.  You and any eligible employees each set up and control your own SEP-IRA.  Contributions are tax-deductible up to a certain limit. More Information about SEP-IRAs
  • Rollovers – Transfer or rollover existing retirement funds
    If you’d like to move money you already have saved in a qualified retirement plan, L5 can help with options to move your assets and avoid penalties. Options for moving your IRA or employer-sponsored retirement plan include direct transfer, rollover, or direct rollover. More Information about Rollovers.

Retirement account options

All Certificates of Deposit, Premier Money Market, or Statement Savings accounts are available for IRA deposits.

Amplifier IRA CD

Our Amplifier IRA CD is a 12-month CD you can open with only $100.  Designed to make it easy to save, features include a low minimum balance, a great interest rate, and a regular deposit schedule you control, so you can decide how much and how often to deposit.

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