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Security and Identity Theft

If You Suspect Identity Theft

Click here to read – What to do if information has been lost or exposed

To report Identity Theft, visit – Federal Trade Commission Website

Report Lost/Stolen Debit Card or Suspicious Activity on Your Account

Call us at 978.452.1300 24 hours a day

Protecting your money is a partnership between Lowell Five Bank and our customers.  Working together is the best way to prevent fraud and to keep your money safe.

Learn Ways to Protect Your Data & Passwords

Lowell Five Bank Security

Lowell Five Bank uses a combination of safeguards to protect your information and keep your online banking activity safe.

  • We have aggressive fraud monitoring systems to protect your money and your online banking activity.  We use a combination of safeguards to protect customer information, including strict privacy policies, rigorous security standards, encryption systems, and employee training.
  • At Lowell Five Bank, your deposits are 100% insured by the FDIC and DIF Deposit Insurance.


Use Secure Email

Send messages back and forth to Lowell Five via our Secure Email Center instead of using your standard email service where fraudsters could monitor your banking information. We’ll send a notification to your standard email address asking you to log in to Lowell Five’s Secure Email Center to retrieve it.

Full details on secure email

Sign up or send a Secure Email

Let Us Know Where and When You Travel

At Lowell Five, we automatically monitor accounts for unusual transactions – like someone else using your card in a new location. By letting us know where and when you’re traveling, we can ensure the uninterrupted use of your debit card.  All you need to do is fill in the Travel Notice Form and have happy and safe travels.