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Estate Planning Services for Lowell Five

Are you ready to preserve your legacy?  Consider estate planning help from Lowell Five and KAF Financial Advisors.  You might not think you need estate planning, but much more is included in that, such as a will, trusts, health care proxies, gifts to others and more.

Estate plans look beyond just the management of money to broader issues involving family and business relationships. For example, do you want to transfer to family members or direct your money towards the community or a local charity?   It will also take into account:

  • Asset preservation
  • Options for insurance
  • Reduction of estate tax liability
  • Health care planning and costs estimation
  • Controlled growth as assets grow or are added
  • Coordination of personal estate plans with plans for your business

KAF’s relationships with expert tax advisors and estate attorneys ensure a thorough review of your estate plan.   If you already have legal documents or an estate plan in place, KAF can review them.

Lowell Five reviews all financial requests to ensure the right fit.  Then your KAF advisor will meet with you at our corporate headquarters in Tewksbury or one of our 16 convenient local branches near you.

KAF Financial Advisors specialize in investment management and financial planning.  They are devoted to building trust with their clients over the long-term. Investing goes beyond just buying or selling stocks. The KAF team will look beyond a cursory short-term view to develop a customized plan to suit your needs.  KAF’s experienced financial planners can also help you with business transition planning, retirement plans, insurance, investment strategies, and more.


The products offered: (i) are not FDIC insured; (ii) not deposits or obligations of Lowell Five Bank or its affiliates; (iii) not guaranteed by Lowell Five Bank or its affiliates; (iv) not insured by any federal government agency; (v) may go down in value.

Lincoln Investment and Lowell Five Bank are not affiliated. Advisory services offered through Capital Analysts and Lincoln Investment. Registered Investment Advisors. Securities offered through Lincoln Investment, Broker/Dealer, Member FINRA and SIPC. KAF Financial Advisors, LLC and the above firms are independent and non-affiliated. Legal services associated with estate planning, tax or social security claiming are not offered through, nor supervised by, The Lincoln Investment Companies.

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