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A couple doing Financial Planning with their bank representative

Investment and Financial Planning

Investments are the key to a secure financial future.  While not without risk, they are the best way to grow your money for the long-term.  It doesn’t have to be confusing or intimidating.  Let Lowell Five help you plan for your financial future.

More than stocks and bonds

Investments and financing planning go far beyond just buying or trading stocks.  For this reason, Lowell Five has teamed up with Lincoln Investment and KAF Financial Advisors.  Work with companies that go beyond a cursory short-term view to assess what financial options are in your long-term best interest.  Lincoln Investment and  KAF’s experienced financial professionals can advise you on a customized plan for saving for college or retirement along with insurance and investment strategies and more.

Lowell Five reviews all financial planning requests to ensure the right fit.  These professionals can meet with you at Lowell Five’s corporate headquarters in Tewksbury, or at one of our 16 convenient local branches near you. Our team will listen first to build a sustainable financial plan for you and your family.

Listening and Planning First

Lincoln Investment and KAF Financial Advisors specialize in investment management and financial planning.  They are devoted to building trust with their clients over the long-term. They can help develop a solid long-term financial plan to suit your unique needs. Through the relationship with Lincoln Investment, you can be offered a customized financial planning experience. You can check the background of these financial professionals on FINRA’s Broker Check.

Optional investments and services include:

  • Mutual funds
  • Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Individual stocks and bonds
  • 401(k) & 403(b) IRA rollovers
  • 529 plans for education savings accounts
  • Financial modeling
  • Estate planning
  • Life insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Fixed & variable annuities

Planning process

The process begins with gathering the information needed to understand you and your financial life. This allows your financial professional to determine your risk tolerance, identify opportunities to help improve your financial well-being, and results in a plan to serve you and your family. They use financial models that take your entire financial picture into view.  As independent advisors and fiduciaries, KAF Financial Advisors and  Lincoln Investment have access to a wide range of investment and insurance products, which allows them to deliver the solution that best aligns with your needs. They can also put you in touch with tax advisors or estate attorneys or review estate documents.

A forward-looking investment plan would include facets such as:

  • Defining how best to use the cash you don’t need immediately
  • Key goals for the future (homeownership, retirement, education costs)
  • Building capital resources
  • Having a tax strategy
  • Designing an investment strategy and portfolio for personal and business.

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