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Cash Management

Lowell Five Business Banking services provide a full range of cash management tools that add convenience, security, and control to your business. These time-saving options reduce the burden and expense of daily financial tasks, make processing and reporting faster and easier, ensure reliable and accurate account transfers, and provide enhanced security for deposits and payments.

Our convenient Online and Mobile Banking Options for Business give you easy access to all your Lowell Five business accounts and Cash Management processing and reporting tools. Our Business Banking Advisors can help you get started with any of these tools.


Electronic direct deposit payroll, vendor invoices, and taxes replace paper checks with faster, more secure option.  Also receive funds for recurring charges, such as memberships and dues. We offer both same-day and future dated ACH processing.

Lockbox Services

Increase efficiency and streamline your payment processes by safely directing your payments to Lowell Five Lockbox Services. Let Lowell Five collect, process, and deposit payments for your business, saving you time and expediting access to your funds. Customized reporting is available.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay provides extra security for paper checks by comparing check data to your electronic files, including account number, check number, check amount, and date. Checks with altered amounts or checks that are older than 180 days are stopped before payment.  You can even electronically void problem checks and immediately reissue the replacement check.

Real Estate Management Tools

We offer customized banking services targeting to the needs of property management companies.

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) enables you to scan and deposit checks in your office anytime, even if you have multiple business locations. Enjoy faster deposits without the time and expense of repeated branch visits.

You’ll also benefit from detailed electronic deposit records, email notifications, and even early warning of returned or altered checks with electronic comparisons of check images.

Sweep Accounts

Automatically move surplus balances to maximize their strategic value to interest-bearing accounts, or pay down your Lowell Five Business Banking Line of Credit as quickly as possible.

Wire Transfers

For payment to a supplier or a vendor, consider a wire transfer from your Lowell Five Online Business Banking account. You can create templates for recurring payments, specify different security access levels for employees, and initiate transfers from your computer or phone.

Each wire transfer is reviewed by a Lowell Five Business Banking professional for an added layer of security and accuracy.

Connect with a Lowell Five Advisor

Client Relationships

Building your trust every day

Colleen Beaumont, VP, Cash Management Officer

The best part of my job is going out and learning about our client’s needs and then customizing a solution to meet those needs.

Tom Adie, Dunkin' Franchise Owner

Over the many years, Lowell Five has been consistently responsive to our financial and banking needs, providing great rates, competitive fees and solid customer service.