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Personal Banking Accounts

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Lowell Five’s banking experts are here to help you with a variety of banking needs from checking and savings to IRAs and CDs – all with convenient debit card, mobile, and online banking options. We make day-to-day banking easy so that you can focus on future plans.

With Lowell Five, you don’t just open an account, you’re creating a relationship – one that helps you meet your financial goals.

You also have peace of mind, since all deposits at Lowell Five are insured in full by the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.) and the DIF (Depositors Insurance Fund) – security not offered by every bank.

Personal Banking Options

  • Checking

    Our Personal Checking Accounts were designed to fit your personal banking style. And you can rest easy knowing that all Lowell Five accounts are insured in full by the FDIC and the DIF.

  • Money Market

    If you want higher yields while still having convenient access to your funds and no maximum balance, check out a Lowell Five Money Market Account.

  • CDs

    Make your money grow faster with a Lowell Five Certificate of Deposit.

  • IRAs

    Save for Retirement with Traditional, Roth or SEP IRAs from Lowell Five.

  • Deposit Insurance and Protection

    All Lowell Five deposits are insured in full through the FDIC and the DIF (Depositors Insurance Fund) – including amounts over $250,000.

  • Digital Banking Options

    The convenience, security and control of online and mobile banking whenever you need without waiting for a trip to the bank. Also visit our how-to video library for your digital banking experience.

  • Savings

    Flexible savings options at Lowell Five. Let us help you build a savings plan from the flexible savings options at Lowell Five.